For most of my pre-teen to adult life, I fantasized about getting engaged. I couldn’t wait to have a great story to share at dinner parties and sporting events and pretty much anywhere people would let me do a tight five. I have vivid memories of being at the gym and staring at my ring finger, doing my best to keep my heart rate up while simultaneously visualizing the sparkly jewels that would soon adorn my hand. I viewed getting engaged as one of the most important and powerful milestones in someone’s life. And when it finally happened to me, it was exactly as I hoped. I was surprised, the ring was beautiful and everyone was ecstatic. I got to speak to all my loved ones in the same day and I got a plethora of excitement on social media. We even got food from my favorite restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen, to celebrate! Getting engaged did not disappoint—until my fiancé walked out on me six months later.

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