The other day I was sitting on the exercise bike at physical therapy. I’d been on the bike for a few sessions but hadn’t yet made a full rotation with my right leg. Instead, I’d simply been going backward and forward until I met a level of resistance I’d describe as uncomfortable/mentally scary. On this particular day, my PT set me up with a five-minute timer, told me it would be easier to go backward and walked away. I sat on the bike and thought “I’m not ready to make a full rotation.” A few seconds later, I braced myself and felt my legs make a full circle going backwards. My inner voice exploded in celebration. Making a full rotation was a major target since I had surgery. And here I was making a full rotation going backward. I thought, “This is great! This is enough. Maybe I’ll be able to make a full rotation going forward at my next session.” Cut to a few more seconds later and I was watching in astonishment as my legs made a full rotation going forward. I was blown away! I had accomplished something I thought I wasn’t able to do. But by giving myself the space to

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